Literacy is a vehicle that can be used to bring much needed development to families and communities in rural areas.

Adult literacy and numeracy students (above and below) perform activities at Zindaga Primary School grounds.

Adult literacy and numeracy students (above and below) perform activities at Zindaga Primary School grounds.

This was the general sentiment at the closing ceremony of the National Literacy Week held at remote Zindaga Primary School in Bulolo District on September 30.

Seven Adult Literacy schools in the vicinity of the Wafi-Golpu Project highlighted the importance of adult literacy through various activities witnessed by over 300 villagers and staff from Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture.

With the theme “Kisim save – rit na rait” students from these adult literacy schools performed dramas, held academic competitions, and stall inspection where they displayed their lessons and presentation of awards.

The adult literacy schools at Timini, Dengea, Hekeng, Pokwana, Pekumbe, Madzim and Wonkings villages are supported by the Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture (WGJV) and their respective communities.

WGJV Gender & Training Coordinator, Grace Bini, said learning how to read and write at an adult age is not something to feel ashamed of.

“I encourage all of you in the village to attend these schools so that in the future you’d know how to write your name, read the bible and do many tasks that require reading and writing,” she said.

Ms Bini thanked everyone for attending and said the communities have done a great job in running these schools and WGJV would continue assistance where possible.

WGJV Community Affairs Manager, David Masani, encouraged the students and villagers to take adult literacy as a journey.

He said in the future when basic services such as schools, health, banking and others are brought to the community “you will be able to read, understand and write and you will be able to make difference in your own lives.”

Mr Masani said WGJV recognises the importance of having communities that are literate.

“In our industry, every project has a start and an end but the most important resource in the community that has no end are its people. Therefore literacy has no end. I encourage all you mothers and fathers who do not know how to read and write to attend the adult literacy school and prepare yourselves for this journey,” he said.


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