WGJV Code of Conduct Service

The WGJV Code of Conduct (532-7000-PM-GUI-0001, IBIS G096) establishes the fundamental values which form the basis for, and underpin all of, WGJV’s business relationships. The Code of Conduct sets out standards for appropriate ethical and professional behaviour for all stakeholders in the following areas:

  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Conflict of Interest and Outside Activities
  • Compliance with the Law
  • Use of Knowledge and Information (Confidentiality)
  • Protection of Interests and Assets
  • Intellectual Property
  • Share Trading
  • Action Within Delegated Authority
  • Stealing or Misappropriation
  • Anti-bribery and Corruption
  • Gifts, Donations, Benefits, Travel and Entertainment
  • Professional Behaviour (Fair Dealing)
  • Relationships with External Stakeholders

The WGJV Code of Conduct Service is an avenue for WGJV stakeholders to raise concerns of any suspected or actual breach by the WGJV or any of its stakeholders of the WGJV Code of Conduct, and so to help ensure safety, fairness and honesty in the WGJV’s business practices.

By reporting misconduct you can help maintain a safe and secure work environment for our people and you may also help save money by eliminating theft, fraud and dishonesty.

If you see or suspect something wrong such as

  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Dishonesty
  • Harassment
  • Workplace safety and environmental hazards
  • Unethical behaviour
  • General

Don't turn a blind eye, report it and help maintain and uphold our ethical and professional standards.

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Email: WGJVcodeofconduct@deloitte.com.au

Online: www.WGJVcodeofconduct.deloitte.com.au

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