Volume 2 - Project Description

Contains information about the Project including the construction and operation of project components, their siting and purpose, and the proposed approach for management of water, waste, closure and rehabilitation.

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Project Setting
Chapter 3 - Project Facilities
Chapter 4 - Mine Area Site Access
Chapter 5 - Mine Area Site Preparation
Chapter 6 - Mining
Chapter 7 - Waste Rock Management
Chapter 8 - Watut Process Plant
Chapter 9 - Tailings Management
Chapter 10 - Concentrate Transport
Chapter 11 - Lae Tidal Basin Concentrate Filtration Plant
Chapter 12 - Ancillary Project Infrastructure
Chapter 13 - Water Management
Chapter 14 - Non-Mineral Waste Management
Chapter 15 - Cleaner Production and Energy Balance
Chapter 16 - Traffic and Transport
Chapter 17 - Workforce
Chapter 18 - Closure
Chapter 19 - References


The PNG Government will use this EIS to inform its decision about whether to approve the Project. In making that decision, the PNG Government will invite members of the public to make written submissions about their views on the Project. Guidance on how to do this is provided by following this link.

This Executive Summary is available in both Tok Pisin and English.